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Developed by Chris Harrington

The Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce has moved forward with a new-look interactive website designed and developed by Chris Harrington Interactive. The new site captures our Chamber’s personal blend of big-city quality and hometown service—and that’s no accident, because it’s Web guru Chris Harrington’s business personality, too.

A quick visit to Chris’s LinkedIn profile  or to  reveals a hefty list of skills and accomplishments—Outstanding Website awards for major clients and a stint as Lead Developer for a New York agency among them. But driving that story from behind the scenes is a combined passion for leadership and relationship.

Chris started out in broadcasting, scoring his first on-air job for a Bangor, Maine radio station at the age of sixteen. Inspired by a friend at Emerson College, he moved to the Boston area and found work in the Providence/New Bedford radio market. That was when he fell in love with Rhode Island.

After several years in radio, Chris, an avid ‘hobbyist’ programmer since childhood, got interested in Internet Communications—seriously enough so that he acquired a degree in the field from New England Tech. A high achiever, he was encouraged by one of his professors to seek work in New York, and promptly landed a web developer position with the esteemed R/GA Media Group in Manhattan. 

Working with a world-class client, Ralston Purina, Chris had a chance to do cutting-edge work. He also observed how a world-class agency worked with its clients, engaging them in dialogue and decision-making throughout the process. And hence, the Interactive in Chris Harrington Interactive.

Founded in 2005 and based in Warwick, Chris Harrington Interactive serves a variety of local clients, both directly and through other agencies needing his expertise. Specializing in Web design, development, and consulting, Chris can field a wide variety of requests. His connections in the industry allow him to put together award-winning teams that can handle just about any Web project, while keeping customer contact local and personal.

As Chris puts it, “If you want a big-city, well-developed website, talk to me and you don’t have to worry. We’re local, we develop a relationship, you can call and get stuff done.”

 Chris Harrington Interactive  |  Warwick, RI
(774) 526-1904  |  |   Email chris here

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