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Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce Legislative Coalition

The Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce Coalition is a lobbying partnership representing nine Chambers of Commerce and more than 7,500 member businesses throughout Rhode Island. 

The Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce Coalition coordinated by the Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce. Members of the Chamber of Commerce Coalition are the Central Rhode Island, East Bay, East Greenwich, East Providence Area, Greater Newport, Narragansett, North Kingstown, Northern Rhode Island, and Southern Rhode Island Chambers of Commerce.

Under the Dome is a government affairs email update brought to you during the Rhode Island General Assembly session by the RI Chamber of Commerce Coalition. As a member of the coalition the Central Rhode Island Chamber actively works on, and advocates for issues important to our members. During this legislative session the Chamber will bring you legislative and administration items of interest including legislation that has been introduced, administrative and regulatory updates, legislative committee hearings, budget reports and more. 

 …When They Are In Session 

The Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce Coalition is your voice at the Rhode Island State House. If you have any concerns, questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the Chamber of Commerce Coalition coordinator and lobbyist at (401) 334-1000 or by email [email protected] 



The Chamber of Commerce Coalition is an expansion of a lobbying partnership that began in 1996. At that time, the Northern Rhode Island and Central Rhode Island chambers formed a partnership that provided the opportunity to combine the member voices of both chambers in a lobbying effort. 

The Coalition was formed as the chambers recognized that Rhode Island needed an advocate at the State House to speak for the interests of business. While laws impact both large and small companies, most business owners and managers don’t have time to attend committee hearings and offer testimony on proposed legislation. By having their Chambers of Commerce act as their voice, company officials can easily have a say in the business of government. By unifying chambers throughout the state, the voice of business becomes louder and stronger.

The Coalition has grown in strength and numbers over the past eight years, expanding to represent ten chambers in Rhode Island and more than 7,500 businesses.


A Government Affairs Committee made up of representatives from each of the 10 chambers governs the Chamber of Commerce Coalition. Each chamber has three voting positions on the Government Affairs Committee plus the Chief Executive from each Chamber. The chair, vice chair and recording secretary are each selected by the committee.

The Government Affairs Committee establishes the legislative agenda one month prior to the start of the new legislative session, for ratification by the respective Chambers of Commerce. The Government Affairs Committee also makes policy recommendations on issues that are forwarded to the various Chambers for their review.  In order to respond quickly to issues, the Government Affairs Committee is fully empowered by the respective Chambers to determine Chamber Coalition positions on issues and take action on them. In the event the Chamber of Commerce Coalition adopts a legislative position that is in conflict with any partner Chamber(s), the Chamber of Commerce Coalition will not testify on behalf of said Chamber(s) and will note the difference of opinion for the record.

The Chamber Coalition is build on the respect participating Chambers have for each other, and their needed autonomy. The Chamber of Commerce Coalition has two registered lobbyists.

Now, as the Coalition grows in strength and number to become one of the largest lobbying voices for business in Rhode Island, Coalition members invite companies throughout the state to join their local Coalition member Chamber and become part of this group that is working to make Rhode Island a better state in which to do business.

Coalition Members

Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce

East Bay Chamber of Commerce

East Greenwich Chamber of Commerce

East Providence Chamber of Commerce

Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce

Narragansett Chamber of Commerce  

North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce

Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce

Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce

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