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Research shows. Relaxation may help ward off disease by making people less susceptible to viruses, and by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Meditation, a particular form of relaxation, the experimental evidence available now is much stronger than it was for meditation a few years ago. In addition, any form of deep relaxation seems to bring these benefits.

Benefits of Relaxation: The medical advantages are not from ordinary relaxing activities, such as catnaps or gardening, but from intensive techniques that allow people to evoke a specific physiological state. ''Just sitting quietly or, say, watching television, is not enough to produce the physiological changes,''

''You need to use a relaxation technique that will break the train of everyday thought, and decrease the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.'' Ancient and Modern Methods 



Did You Know...

The simple act of becoming relaxed can have surprising health benefits, new research is showing. In addition to the obvious psychological effects of relieving stress and mental tension, the new findings indicate, deep relaxation, if practiced regularly, can strengthen the immune system and produce a host of other medically valuable physiological changes. 







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