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 Being active doesn't have to cost a thing, so grab your sneakers and get movin'!



Shoot hoops

Fly a kite

Climb a tree

Swing on a swing set

Play on a jungle gym

Put your favorite music on and dance!

Play interactive games on your WII or XBox

Goolge free home workouts

Laugh ALOT

 Use the grassy area of park to do lunges, sit-up etc..

Go for a long walk - climb some hills

Swim in a lake


Hand ball

Hula Hoop

Clean your home

Waah your car

Run through the sprinklers

Walk in the sand at the beach

Cart wheels


Use household items for weights

Form your own walking.joggning, yoga

Use park /school benches to do step-ups, tricep dips and push ups.

Chase your kids 

With a Friend:

Play Frisbee

Thriw a baseball back and forth

Interactive video challenges

Laugh ALOT

Kick a ball back and forth

Slip and slide





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