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1. RI Home Improvement (John Aurgemma) Windows / Siding / Gutters
Additional contacts: Phyliss Davdelin
Description: RIHI is proud of its reputation of being a leader in the Home Improvement Industry. We recognize that pride in one's home is fundamental to one's way of life. Like tens of thousands of families served by RIHI, you not only want to own your home, but want it to be the most comfortable and beautiful house on the street. It is that principle to which our family, since 1949, has pledged our resources, skills and reputation to help you live proudly in a beautiful, more economical, and comfortable home.
2. StormTite Home Improvement (Ed Ladouceur) Windows / Siding / Gutters
Description: Windows/siding/gutters- StormTite is ranked one of the top 50 remodelers in the USA by Remodeling Magazine. Established in 1969.

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