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Warwick  is the second largest city in the State with a population of about 90,000 people.  Warwick was incorporated as a City in 1931.  Warwick was founded  in 1642 by Samuel Gorton. Gorton had purchased the land from the Narragansett Indians  who called  the area “Shawomet” , or place of springs. In that year the 144 fathoms Wampum that Gorton paid them was worth approximately $95.00.  In 1643 Puritan Troops from the Massachusetts Bay Colony invaded “Shawomet “ and captured all of Gorton’s people.  The Gortonites were tried in Boston,  convicted of heresy and released a year later

Samuel Gorton later traveled to England, and with the aid of the Earl of Warwick obtained  protection over “Shawomet” by the King. Upon  Gorton’s return he decided to rename “Shawomet”  Warwick which very fittingly is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “place by the water”.

Once Warwick was  permanently established it became a thriving agricultural community linked by significant land and ferry routes to Providence, Newport, New London and Boston Seaports.  After the Revolution, however, the advent of water–powered  textile manufacturing led to the construction of factories along Warwick’s rivers.  The industrial expansion witnessed the immigration of the Irish, French-Canadian ,British, Swedish, and Italian laborers.  By 1900, Warwick contained factories and farms, urban neighborhoods and open fields, mill villages and shore resorts, as well.  Warwick grew quickly and from the township sprang many separate but cohesive groups.  Over the years Warwick was transformed into the residential, commercial and industrial city it is today.

Warwick is an important hub in New England with Rhode Island’s T.F. Green State Airport that is home to many of the major airlines and many private airplanes. In the near future a new  train station will be linked to T.F. Green. This will provide the Northeast  with fast efficient travel connections.  This “inter-model “  connection will provide  direct  
access to air, rail, and major highways.

The City has a large mall and many fine retail stores. Warwick route 2 with it’s wide variety of stores is noted as a regional, retail corridor.  Warwick also has many Industrial  Parks  with easy access to both major highways (95) and (295).

The City has excellent public and private schools as well as a noted public library system.  Warwick  has Mickey Stevens sports complex it is a complete sports facility with ice rinks , indoor Olympic size pool,  lighted fields for soccer, baseball, tennis and skate boarding.  There is also a 200 acre City Park which includes a separate dog park.  Warwick is also home to Goddard State Park which has many walking trails, beach front, horseback riding, and picnic grounds and golf.  Our many villages in Warwick have smaller parks and recreation areas.   We have 39 miles of coastline so both sail boating and motor boating are popular activities

Rhode Island was founded with religious freedom in mind.  Warwick  is fortunate to have many different denominations of Churches  to chose from.

Warwick  has many fairs, festivals,  concerts, and  fireworks that take place throughout the summer. The most noted  is Gaspee days which commemorates the burning of the  British Ship HMS Gaspee , this is considered “the first blow  for freedom” and the start of the American Revolution. The celebration includes a colorful, colonial  parade, fireworks, arts & crafts, food venders, colonial encampment, costume ball,  and road race. The celebration is held in the waterfront village of Pawtuxet, a Nationally registered district . The festival starts in the beginning of May runs into the second week of June. 

Warwick as well as the rest of Rhode Island steeped in Colonial History, we are proud of the Rhode Islanders who participated  in the making of our nation. Nathanael Greene who was second in command to General Washington was from a section that was then known as part of  Warwick and is now Coventry. 

We are also proud of our many residents who have served honorably to defend our country. 

Warwick ‘s climate is tempered by the sea breezes both in winter and in summer. 

It is our pleasure to provide you with this information and thank you for your interest in this great City.


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