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If you would like to be considered to serve as a Emergency Volunteer before, during or after an emergency situation please complete an application. Interviews will be scheduled with applicants being considered.

Shelter Positions and Responsibilities
Search & Rescue

Shelter Management
Provide supervision and administrative support for Red Cross responsibilities within the shelter. Ensure the needs of shelter occupants are being met.

Ensure that all shelter occupants are registered upon arrival. Maintain a system for checking occupants in and out when they leave for any period of time. Mange the system of record keeping for shelter registrations.

Food Preparation/Service - Management & Staff
Supervise/assist with on-site food preparation and service for shelter residents and workers. Advise the Logistics supervisor of needed supplies. Ensure that the food ordering system is established and implemented. Keep accurate records of food and supplies received and expended. Prepare and monitor the food service staff work schedule. Record the work hours of personnel as requested.

Disaster Health Services - Management & Staff
Under the direction of the Red Cross medical consultant the staff will protect health, prevent disease, provide first aid for shelter residents and staff. Assume responsibility for the supervision of other health services staff, maintain records, and provide for 24-hour coverage in the shelter.

Disaster Mental Health Services
Provide mental health services at the shelter for both shelter residents and staff

Information Services
Provide access to factual information about the disaster. Post the location and hours of Red Cross service centers and other organizations that offer assistance. Set up bulletin boards and hold shelter meetings to dispel rumors.

Dormitory Management & Staff
Set up sleeping areas. Assign residents to sleeping areas. Coordinate with Logistics staff for cots, blankets, and comfort kits, if available.

Additional Client Services
Organize and administer play areas, recreation, transportation, and other services when shelter stays are long. Identify residents needing additional services and collaborate with Family Services and other sources to meet such needs.

Provide support for the use of the facility. Ensure the safety, security, and sanitation for the shelter. Procure, store, and distribute supplies and equipment at the shelter. Work with the representative of the facility to ensure that the building is used properly.

Volunteer Staff Recruitment and Placement
Recruit, place, and support staff assigned to the shelter. Provide opportunities for shelter residents to serve as volunteers in the shelter.

Communications Operators
Work with and provide service as a Tech no code ham radio operator.  Training and FCC licensing will be provided at no cost to the individual.
  Training will be provided for individuals selected.

Search & Rescue
Assist local officials to locate a missing child/adult. There may also be additional instances where individuals are determined as needed.

If you would like to be considered to serve as a volunteer before, during or after an emergency situation please complete an application.  Interviews will be scheduled with applicants being considered. 

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