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Drop off Your Old Cell Phones 
at the Central Rhode Island Chamber
3288 Post Road, Warwick

The Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center (EBC Center) to collect used cell phones from the community. Your generous donation will be used to help victims of domestic abuse.  

Donated cell phones will be given to victims of domestic abuse. The 911 emergency number will be programmed into these phones and, in case of emergency, the used will need only to press one button to be connected to the police or emergency services. Other phones will be sent to Shelter Alliance, where they'll be recycled in return for monetary compensation for the EBC Center.

The EBC Center serves Central Rhode Island and offers safe shelter and other services that are devoted to helping victims of domestic violence. Domestic abuse affects women and men of all ages and backgrounds - teenagers and the elderly, rich and poor, the highly educated and the unskilled. Domestic violence hurts the entire family and everyone in the community. It destroys lives, taxes our medical system, uses legal and police resources, affects productivity in the workplace and schools, and most sadly, damages the hearts and minds of innocent children who witness violence or are victims themselves. And it happens every day, in every neighborhood in Rhode Island.

The goal of the Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center is "to end participation in, and societal tolerance of, domestic violence. We foster an environment of safety and learning in a family oriented center. We reflect the growing diversity of American families in the composition of our board, staff and volunteers."


To that end, the EBC Center offers:
-- 24-hour crisis hotline
-- safe shelter
-- counseling
-- child services
-- court advocates
-- community outreach
-- education
-- support groups
-- violence prevention programs

For additional information, call the Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center at 401-738-1700

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