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Set yourself up for success!: Think about planning a healthy diet as a number of small , manageable steps rather than one big drastic change . If you approach the changes gradually  and with commitment, you will have a healthier diet sooner than you think! 

Simplify: Instead of being overly concerned with counting calories or measuring portion sizes, think of your diet in turms of color, variety, and freshness. This way it will be easier to make healthier choices. Focus on finding foods you love and receiots that will incorporate one fresh new ingredient a week.

Moderation is the key: People often think of healthy eating as an all or nothing deal, but the key foundation for any healthy diet is moderation. How much is a moderate amount? The really depends on you and your overall eating habiits. The goal of healthy eating is to develop a diet that you can maintain for life, not just a few weeks or months, or until you've reached your ideal weight.

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Did you know... 

Calcium is one of the key nutrients that your body needs in order to stay strong and healthy. It's an essential building block for lifelong bone health in both men and women, as well as many other inportant functions.

You and youer bones will benefit frm eating plenty of calcium-rich foods, limiting foods and deplete your body's calcium stores, and getting your daily dose of magnesium and vitimins D and K - nutrients that help calcuim do its job.



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