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Patricia Raskin

Patricia Raskin
Raskin Resources Productions

Patricia Raskin, President of Raskin Resources Productions, is recognized as the “powerhouse voice” of positive lifestyle and aging and “positive media” pioneer for almost four decades. An award winning producer and business owner, Patricia has been hosting and producing media programs and serving as a catalyst for creating positive change and was one of the first to create positive programs on the internet.

Her work as a podcast consultant and coach is to help podcast hosts develop or to improve their content, format, style delivery and marketing to reach audiences with the “know, like and trust factor.”?

Patricia’s programs have aired on FOX, PBS, NPR affiliates and Cumulus Broadcasting’s affiliate WPRO. Her internet radio & podcast program, "The Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show", is currently heard in its eighteenth year, on and iTunes.

In her career, Patricia has conducted over 3,000 interviews including the renowned Maya Angelou, Marianne Williamson, Jane Seymour, Jack Canfield, Dr. Memhet Oz and Joan Lunden among many other notables.

Patricia is a recipient of the 2015 Rhode Island Small Business Administration Award and the 2001 Circle of Excellence Media Award from the American Sociey of Plastic Surgeons.



Raskin Resources Productions, Inc.  |  |  Tel:  401.440.6299

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