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Podcast Series Development

May 16, 2024

We are excited to announce the invitation from the to Join Them As Patricia Raskin leads us all through a “Podcast Series Development “presentation. Participants will explore four areas:

Podcast Concept and Creation: Participants will learn the differences and benefits of podcasts and video podcasts for a healthcare audience and define their “why.”

Podcast delivery: Participants will learn the components of developing scripts, intros and outros and interview questions. We will explore, tone and style of podcast, timing and pacing and storytelling

Podcast Production /Tools: Participants will learn terminology and the resources for recording, editing and post-production.

Podcast Marketing and Distribution: Participants will learn how to utilizing reels, social media, ways to repurpose content, how to gain exposure through the media and guest interviews and using SEO’s and analytics, stats and polls.

SIGN UP TODAY! FREE to EG & CRI Chamber Members and Guests.  The Link will be sent out the day prior in a reminder email.


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